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Founded on gold in 1852, the town was originally known as May Day Hills, so named by Lt.-Governor Charles La Trobe on 1 May 1852. The rush of hopefuls seeking their fortunes transformed a quiet rocky outcrop into a bustling, sometimes lawless gold town. beechworth.jpg

The wild goldfields saw characters such as Robert O'Hara Burke, of Burke and Wills fame, providing police work to the community. Later other well-known characters including Ned Kelly and Harry Power roamed Beechworth streets. As the gold declined major institutions including three hospitals and a gaol flourished.

The gold legacy is widespread throughout Beechworth with many fine examples of 19th century architecture still present in the town of 3200 people. One of Victoria's best preserved towns it was classified as the State's second "Notable" town by the National Trust. Today it is a prosperous community consisting of a number of heritage buildings.

Today it is also boasts fine dining restaurants full of fresh local produce.