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in Victoria and New South Wales

Rafting Australia's most popular white water rafting journeys are on the Mitta Mitta river and the Murray River (Murray 'Hells Gates").
These rivers are located in the majestic Alpine National Park East Gippsland and the Kosciuszko National Park, Snowy Mountains.
Spectacular scenery, adrenalin pumping action in crystal clear mountain water and rapids graded from 2 to 4+ all only 4 1/2 hours drive from Melbourne CBD.   


The Mitta Mitta: Experience adrenalin pumping action of world class whitewater on a one or two day journey on the Mitta Mitta river in the majestic Alpine National Park.

This is our most popular river trip with clients returning year after year to test their skills against Mother Nature' moods.

Plummeting between intricate rock formations for 18km on a one day trip or double the fun with a two day adventure, will ensure your adrenalin hits overdrive.

White Water Rafting Trips Victoria, Australia


High in the pristine alpine rainforest of the Snowy Mountains you'll find the Murray Gates, turbulent birthplace of the Murray River. This narrow gorge descends rapidly between enormous boulders and towering cliffs, providing one of the world's premier wild water adventures. The action starts immediately as you negotiate seemingly non-existent passageways through rock strewn corridors such as Sharks Tooth and Himalayan wrap. Rapids comprising of tight shutes, tall drops and immense boulders continue for 8 kms. Our rafters are introduced to the thrill of the rugged deep canyons, pools with crystal clear water, side-streams and waterfalls, all very much part of the character of this untamed wilderness area.


The one or two person sport rafts bring you closer to the water, pits you against the rapids and provides the maximum adrenalin rush, whilst under the supervision of our experience guides.

Sports' rafting unlike classic rafting aloows you to tackle the river personally.

'Wilderness is a living link between ourselves and all that has ever happened on the planet. It is an avenue to our origins. It gives us an anchor on the reasons for the creation of life, on all unwritten history. And besides the enchantment, wilderness is the best place for adventure, self discovery and comradeship. Wilderness has value which no scientist can synthesise, and no economist can price" - Bob Brown