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Abseiling at Mt Buffalo, VictoriaA thrilling full day adventure

Degree of Difficulty:  Moderate
Location: Mt Buffalo, North East Victoria
Time: 1 day
Season: All year 
Cost: AUD$205.00pp (incl GST)



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• An exhilarating adventure
• Ideal for beginners
• 10m, 25m, 35m, and 45m (freefall) abseils
• Suits all fitness levels
• Located on the rim of spectacular Mt Buffalo Gorge
• Views of the Victorian and NSW alps
• Good road access, parking and facilities on site
• Gourmet lunch provided

This full day abseil adventure is guaranteed to be a memorable experience whether you’re a beginner or experienced abseiler. To begin the day, we practise abseiling techniques on the 10 to 35m beginner’s abseil sites on the South Wall and at Echo Point. Then we move to the adventure 45 metre abseil ‘The Dragon’ where we descend to the point where you can no longer touch the cliff.  From there, its down the rope in mid-air to the landing point far below.

A small ‘top belayed’ rock climb returns us to the track at the top of the cliff, then it’s back to the dispatch point to do the descent again, taking note of the lessons learnt on the first descent. This experience takes 6 – 7 hours and is regarded as one of the best full-day adventures in Victoria.