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Travellers Code of Conduct

Adventure Victoria aims to provide visitors with an authentic high country experience by visiting unique landscapes, discovering wildlife, enjoying regional food and wine and meeting local families. We believe memorable holidays are as much about the people you meet as what you see and do.


Adventure Victoria offers its tours in the Victorian High Country region that also forms part of the Australian Alps National Landscape (as defined by Tourism Australia).


Tourism experiences within the region are predominantly offered by small family owned businesses with many of them having generational links to the region and employ local staff and family.


This region and Australia more broadly has a very stable social and political environment.


The region celebrates and fosters local artists and the spoils of their endeavours make for terrific memento’s and gifts for visitors. Also the region hosts many local farmers markets and bush markets with produce and products grown and or made locally with care and passion.


Many of the businesses are in the outlying areas and they harvest their own water and encourage sustainable use of the same as it is a limited resource. Also reuse and recycling is an important principle that is encouraged. Landcare Groups are a very popular community organisation and there are many projects that encourage participation that centre around re-vegetation with native plants.


Environmental Policy

Adventure Victoria encourages the minimal use of printed materials and specifically:

1.      Does not print brochures but rather distributes collateral via pdf

2.      Participates in the local shires recycling program

3.      Use a paperless bookings system so no vouchers are required


In verbal inductions to accommodation properties are encouraged to minimise water use (short length of showers) as water is harvested onsite and therefore a limited resource.


When on tour in wilderness areas requires all participants to leave no trace and collect rubbish to protect the environment and native animals.


Encourage visitors to visit the local historical society or purchase one of their souvenir horse shoes to help with further acquisitions and development of their facility.



Economic Policy

Adventure Victoria employs local staff as its qualified guides only, further the qualifications require guides to be knowledgeable of the local area and the horses (where applicable) used on tours.


Accommodation partners used are selected on the basis of their link to the local community and their unique characteristics of an Australian experience.


Our experiences celebrate the regional food and wine and hence all products are supplied locally are an integral part of the customer experience.


Social Policy

Australia has a stable political and social environment. Our products are designed around local interaction and in most cases (where possible) guests are hosted by local family run businesses.


All external products and services are sourced locally ensuring the community benefits.


All guests are verbally encouraged to visit the local villages to enjoy local hospitality.